I trade for a living

About Me
I trade for a living. I think it’s the best way to make a
living in the whole wide world.

I also train others to trade for a living. I have worked
with traders on nearly every continent, in nearly every
country that we learn about in school. That’s too many
sentences that start with “I”, so I’m going to start a new

at my Web site ( click here) there is a
lot of free stuff for traders. Every day I try to add
something new. If there’s any way that I can help you,
from training, to building a system, to just answering
questions, let me know. I answer every email I receive. It
might take me a few days, but I really try. As much of
what I can offer, I offer for free. Some of my services cost
money. I hope to hear from you.


  1. trade for a living, coz amazing people not the same with another. very nice

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